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Welcome! I am happy that you are here! 


Whether in Namibia or Berlin, I am at home where my feet are. I traveled the world, spending time with all kinds of people from all corners of the world.  Through all these enriching experiences, one question kept coming up: Why do some manage to live a life in fulfillment and happiness while others don't?! 


My biggest realization was that it has nothing to do with prosperity or the fulfillment of social principles. It is all about which perspective we look at our story. Either we are aware of ourselves, know our history and stand by it, or we are constantly in 'proving mode' fighting for our own value. Today, as a Life Coach, I help my clients to change their perspective, overcome their guilt, find healing and create a living and fulfilling life.

Much Love,


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Dear Nicole, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great coaching! I felt super comfortable and understood during our intensive conversation! It was something very friendly and yet of so high quality that I was so replenished and enriched afterwards! You hear what is being said between the lines and you keep coming back to it. There were so many great approaches for me, although I had been dealing with these topics for so many years. You have such a natural and authentic personality. So "pure"! I like the way you "name" things and also your metaphors and quotes that you often contributed! It all had such an ease and that's exactly what makes the conversation with you so special.

Christina N.


Dear Nicole, you are an inspirational person who brings enthusiasm, confidence and love for life with you. Your positive thinking and your unique approaches helped me to leave my usual perspective and open up to new ones. Above all, with your openness, you also give the opportunity to allow miracles to happen and to make your dreams come true. Thank you for your strength and your love!

Karo T.


I felt very welcome with Nicole. Her open and cordial nature enabled me to open up for the coaching exercise and to get closer to myself through the questions asked. The positive view of my strengths and loving exchanges have encouraged me to go my own way, to live my life in accordance with my wishes and needs, and also to trust that everything will be clarified in it's time. Thank you very much!

Stephanie G.


I'm so happy that the universe brought us together at the Christian Bischoff event so we could have this great coaching session today. Because of the Berlin rush hour my return trip home took over one hour. You do not believe how easy and relieved I flowed through the faltering traffic because of our coaching. I was aware of every sun ray with I enjoyed to the fullest. Just amazing, the positive energy which I released immediately after our coaching session. That it won't only remain empty deeds, I'll take full advantage of it from now! Thank you for your time, advice and energy.

Erek P.

- Grafik Designer-

Nicole is a very inspiring personality. She gave me a lot of empathy and love during our coaching session. At the same time, Nicole is very competent and always has the right tool at hand. What I like the most is my daily morning routine which I have been practicing ever since.

Vanessa W.


Nicole is very competent always perfectly prepared for her coaching. She welcomes you with delicious ginger tea and asks you directly about things that are currently on your mind. Patiently she listens to everything and analyzes at the same time. Through her coaching exercises she guides you to conclusions that you would never have seen. She is always extremely warm and open. You feel very well advised and supported.

Franziska S.

-Real Estate Agent-