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The Workshop for your self-confidence and sex appeal

In an exclusive group of 10 people, we dedicate this day to your life and your transformation.

For this we analyze three criteria:


Dates will follow!

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"Nicole's workshop was wonderful! She guided us through the workshop with love, meditation, music, personal coaching and a beautifully designed workbook. She didn't  stoically adhere to this workbook, but flowed in on the group and their needs, group work and exercises flowed into each other. The day flew by and in the end, you didn't realize how seven hours had actually passed. It was a super nice experience!"


"Nicole, your workshop was wonderful. I love investing in my own growth on a Saturday with you. I've already been inspired by your podcast, seeing you live and in color has made me even more confident that you're a great coach. You have led such a great workshop and filled the room with your high energy, joy and love. I got to meet great people at your workshop. You have been wonderfully trained to work in changing pairs to work on our goals & dreams. I love to dream big with you. I think your workbook is great for working in the workshop itself as well as at home. You also inspired me very much for my own upcoming workshops"


"Nicole's workshop was once again an absolute eye-opener for me. Thanks to Nicole's cheerful and heartfelt nature, I immediately felt comfortable and was thus able to get involved in the topics well from the beginning and take a lot for me. Besides, I really liked that she addressed many things directly and clearly. I really can only wholeheartedly recommend the workshop!"